Thursday, August 25, 2011

14K Yellow Gold Apple - Show Love To Your Partner

Have your ever thought about uncommon gold jewelry gift for your partner?

Sure , you did! But it was hard to find the right item and you stopped on usual things. Now the gold market is so wide! Many styles and designs are presented in jewelry stores. Sometimes people don't understand the symbolization of jewelry. For those who intends to show passion and love 14K Yellow Gold Diamond-Cut Open Apple Charm is excellent choice.

Beautiful 14K White Gold Apple Charm

The symbol of apple has a deep and mystic history. In Renaissance era it was popular , artists used to imagine apples on different paintings.

If you look at antique mythology golden apples were the main objects in some legends like "The Garden of the Hesperides"‎or "Atalanta".

Apple charms in 14k gold took all traditions from the past and will bring long life, home comfort and good mood to owners.

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